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“I am going to be a bum and travel the world!” These are the yearbook words of a 17 year old Justin Hooke upon leaving high school in Prince George, British Columbia. Far from being a bum, Justin has worked hard at many jobs to fund his love of travel, and travel he has. Justin has accomplished his teenage wish to explore the world, and has developed a passion for culture, nature, and the outdoors that is incomparable. Nothing and no one escapes his notice as he makes his way through as many countries and cultures as he can.

So far Justin has managed to set foot on each of the six continents once. Throughout his travels Justin has discovered a second passion, photography. He spent six months at the Photography Institute of New Zealand learning everything he could to increase his skills. In 2009 he earned his Diploma of Professional Photography and hasn’t looked back.

With the aid of his camera, and his ability to talk to anyone and everyone, Justin’s next quest is to explore each continent more thoroughly. Whether it’s a portrait of a villager, a flower that seems to defy nature, or the stunning scenery and architecture of faraway lands, Justin’s main joy comes from bringing everything that he sees to life through the lens and sharing it with the world.